Furious Georgie - You Know It

by Furious Georgie

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Jack Genovese
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Jack Genovese Obsessed with this song for a good couple of months, the whole album is a gem Favorite track: Screaming Parrot Blue.
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released July 6, 2013

Recorded in a few sessions by Spadino at Tonedeaf's, March/May 2012.
Mixed and mastered by Spadino and Furious Georgie at Tonedeaf's.
Georgie haphazardly sings and plays 6 and 12 strings acoustic/slide guitar, electric guitar on Ignorance,
lap steel, harmonica, synths (programming in NGC 6543), bongos, sitar and mandolin.
Crazy claps on Giggrind by Spadino and Georgie.
Cover painting by Vanessa Monti, photographed by Sandro Di Girolamo.
Layout and graphics by Manfredi Vitrano.



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Tone Deaf Records Palermo, Italy

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Track Name: Giggrind
I am leaving tomorrow
I'll be facin' something new
Yes, I'm leaving tomorrow
I'll be meeting someone new
I am leaving tomorrow
And I'm feeling kinda blue

Will it be worth the travel
Or will it just suck?
Will I drown in that swamp
Just like the other ducks?
Will it be worth the travel?
I guess I don't give a fuck

I'll be missing you baby,
Don't wanna get about
I'll be missing you baby,
This trip can bum me out
But I'll get back to you baby
Gonna get through somehow.
Track Name: Screaming Parrot Blue
Screaming screaming parrot blue
Twisting in your yellow suit
Help me find something to say
Otherwise I'll send you away

Screaming Parrot Blue
I'd like to catch you sometime soon

Screaming screaming parrot blue
How did you find this room?
Parrot please, don't make me cry
I'd miss one of your kind

Screaming Parrot Blue
Without you I would be doomed

Let me inside you
I'll be beside you
Track Name: Day of the Dead
I've crawled up from my grave...from my grave
I went out by the sea to hear it say:
"Let your troubled mind out of the cage,
Let it out and I will ease your pain."

Cool breeze comes to lick away my scars
Sleepin' sailors await for their stars
Worn-out flags are wavin' from afar
And it seems like these sky and sea ain't gonna part

So many people rushin' all around
Their feet on the sand don't make a sound
They must all have loved ones deep in the ground
Well, I guess one day they'll come around

Today is my day of the dead.
Track Name: Lost and Found
Free me, Hear me
Let me find a way
Let me find just what I've lost today

See me, crying
Right outside your door
Speak to me, I would not ask for more

Love you more and more

Hiding, sighing
I can't get no sleep
Can't get through this bitter suffering

You don't want me
Teardrops filled my eyes
When I heard you saying the last goodbye

But I'm loving you more and more
You're what I was looking for
Track Name: Ignorance (Avidyā)
You come to a point in your life when you just get what you deserve
And what you believed to be your worst days turn into cherry dessert
Feeling so empty and useless and devoid of anything good
Everyone seems to be smarter and stronger and better than you

Don't you feel like a supersmall man?
Isn't it nice to see it all comes down to ignorance?

Abusing your pleasant thoughts 'til they get hackneyed just causes you pain
First they taste like magic potions but in the end they're just to blame
How long will you keep playing the cool boy, the wise boy, the fucking real deal?
You think your medicines work but you can't see it's your life they steal

Don't you feel like a supersmall man?
Isn't it nice to see it all comes down to ignorance?

Every time you think you are recovering ignorance moves you right back
A false comprehension of things around you sets you on the wrong track
Turn on your senses and escape this blackness that swallows you whole
And if what you get smells like shit, that means you just searched through the wrong hole

Don't you feel like a supersmall man?
Isn't it nice to see it all comes down to ignorance?
Track Name: NGC 6543
Disteso sopra un letto siderale nella buia immensit‡
Cullato da silenti vibrazioni
Tanto a lungo ho atteso per conoscere le multiple realt‡
Nel mio corpo, solo radiazioni


RaggiungerÚ i suoni delle eterne nebulose fiammeggianti
Guidato da una rotazione armonica
SarÚ presto trasformato, diventerÚ un corpuscolo fra tanti
Convertito in energia atomica


Proiettato verso un ventre gravido di stelle e di materia
In un'eruzione di diamanti
Passeggero dentro il cosmo e testimone della creazione
Ritorno alla sorgente della storia
Track Name: Years Gone By
Years gone by
Tears been dried
Through these skies
Silent cries

You have seen
What it means
To give in
those years
Track Name: Watch the Drift as it Goes
Arms of shade draw on
Slowly-twirling violet clouds
Seemingly non-dual
Thoughts seem not to rebound

One inside the vastness
Vastness in a box
Branches of the sundown
Point towards a door that now unlocks

Singing softly
I have been scared
I've been a crushed leaf
So difficult to repair

A moment to stop and think
To watch the drift as it goes
Blossom of my ancient seeds
Emerging from below

Singing softly
I have been scared
I am a crushed leaf
And I'm just like you
Track Name: Kiwi Roll
Running around with nothing left to do
No-one to blame for the clouds hanging over you
But today the weather
Looks like it's never been bitter
But today the weather
Could make you a little bit better

So let's look for the woods where kiwis play rock'n'roll
Yes, I've seen a lot of these unbridled feather balls
We can go there together
To their rhythm we'll snap our fingers
'Til the evening lingers
We'll dance with these bush-dwelling bangers

Twisting, turning to the kiwi rock'n'roll
Rolling madly all across the earthly floor
Twisting, turning to the kiwi rock'n'roll
Pitchfork people waiting at the door

Come on and forget your troubles for a while
You can rejoice in the sight of a million starry miles
It's a matter of healing
The kiwis will leave you screaming
Watch your wheels spinning
Their beat is unforgivig
Track Name: Armed Peace
Armed peace
You want an armed peace
Be ready to pull out your smile
All killers have a price

Armed peace
You wanna keep the equilibrium
You always foil their delirium

You've got to find a mean to keep things goin'
You've got to seek the ones whose blood ain't flowin'
You've got to find a mean to keep things goin'
You've got to seek the ones whose blood ain't flowin'

Greets you with a rocket full of good news
We have high expectations
Be prepared
Or just be scared

You have put together a fine recipe
Come on and show how good you have been to me
Call me up when you've cleaned all your dishery
Will the war winds sweep away this misery?
Track Name: Young Lard
Young Lard
You're the sweetest remembrance
Way before my hairy days
And my mellow sitar

Young Lard
I did believe in vengeance
But my wars were just games
Wish they were not so far

Fat fingers handling the future of small, plastic armies
Although I sensed the gloom, I was used to eat up all worries
And I happen to miss you, oh
Young Lard
I happen to miss you, oh
Young lard

Young lard, my first step in the ocean
If I knew what was coming next maybe I wouldn't have swum
Young lard, lived those days in slow-motion
But as soon as you were gone, things had started to run

Get back with my mind to what's bound to be always returning
I've seen it pass away to bring in the shadow of yearning
So I happen to miss you, oh
Young lard
I happen to miss you, oh
Young lard